The invisible border

Because we all know, it’s hard to measure the difference between strong affections with another party and friendship.

We often find it hard to draw a line the moment we got comfortable with one another. We hop to the supermarket to get our groceries, cook our favourite dish, download the latest action movie and simply stay in and enjoy the tranquil of being two. The list of intimacy could go on to show the connections but perhaps he just ain’t the right one for all he needs was the level of comfort and someone to rely on.

He could be sharing all that he have, his darkest secret, his monthly savings and future plan with you in them. But I’m sorry, he perfected his life with someone who’s not you.

At the end of the day, always reserve, learn to never show your all. Speak out and learn exactly where you stand in the other person before falling into that pit that might drown you with all the puzzle unsolved.

Always be truthful, especially to yourself for self conceit leads to destruction. Don’t ever let yourself fall.

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