While I agree with the concerns voiced here, I think there are two things worth pointing out:
Daniel Fosco

Totally agree. Hulick makes some interesting points, and Slack’s designers I’m sure, in plotting out their golden use cases, relegated unwanted noise (non work-related convos) as a problem for their users to manage. We’re all aware though that their broad user base means different contexts (working styles), so I’m not quite catching on to his desire to always be online in order not to miss any major decisions or ‘water cooler’ type chats. Why not have someone in charge summarise any important topics covered, in an email or drawing board (if no etiquette or baselines for any productivity software aren’t set like you mentioned)?

I agree that it’d be nice to have a status dimmer, but clearly, proj mgmt or calendar apps show everyone’s scheds anyway — so I don’t think anyone would find them selves in hot water, not being ‘present’.

That, and people sometimes really need to put down their phones. While I’m not saying I completely disagree with his opinions, this conversation is nothing new.

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