2 min readNov 18, 2021


Dear friends,

Rook no further, friends, ChessNFT is here! We’re pleased to announce the official unveiling of the sports first global NFT marketplace — and you’re invited!

Countdown ’til exclusive NFT content drops…get ready!

As of today, you can register your account, create your profile, get to know the platform and connect your wallet or social account. You’ll need a wallet or account connected in order to claim exclusive content this Monday, so don’t delay!

How to register:

Step 1. Go to
Step 2. Click ‘Sign in’

Step 3. Fill out your details and connect depending on your preference (social account or crypto wallet)

Step 4. You’re done! It’s time to explore.

Super simple registration for crypto and non-crypto users!

Monday, 22nd of November, we will unveil the first packs and content ready for sale. Stay tuned!

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Media contact:

Joanne Eberhardt, VP Marketing and Communications TON Labs / Everscale Blockchain




In partnership with FIDE on the Everscale blockchain, we bring you the sport’s first global NFT Marketpalce