Chestermere’s Abandoned Water Park To Reopen As Is, To Be Named ‘Rustic Rapids’

Chestermere is home to one of the most exciting former water slide parks in Eastern Rockyview County. Every summer, however, tourists to Chestermere are disappointed to learn that the water park has been closed for decades. Over the years residents have watched as nature has reclaimed the site. Grass and swamp have overtaken the corroded and broken water slides and the park was deemed unsafe, until now.

New life is coming to the abandoned water park. Where some view the water park as a health hazard, brothers Mitch and Joe Andrews saw potential. “In this economy people are looking for cheap family fun, so we thought, hey, let’s just open it as is and let people enjoy a rustic experience at their own pace!” said Mitch Andrews. “We’ve called it ‘Rustic Rapids’ because it really is a fun, rough, and what we call an ‘exciting-dangerous’ experience for the whole family.” The brothers say that for $15 per person, you can enjoy a day full of memories. “We’re asking people to bring buckets with them, because since the pumps don’t work, they’ll have to carry water up the hill and pour it down the slides before jumping on themselves. We’ll also ask that people use slides 1, 3, 4, and 6 at their own risk, as portions of those slides are missing. Lastly, we recommend people get a tetanus shot before coming,” said Joe Andrews.

But Mitch Andrews was quick to say that even though some of the slides have plant matter growing in them, he says that the first to visit may be lucky enough to encounter wildlife on the way down. He said, “Just yesterday I went for a slide down the leaning, splintered slide over there and came across a family of muskrats! Name another waterpark in Alberta that will give you that kind of experience!”

Rustic Rapids is set to re-open this summer.

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