City of Chestermere offers new $149/month Premium Citizenship Tax Tier

For decades people have come to know the City of Chestermere as a safe and affordable place to live. Voted as the #1 place to live East of Calgary by the Strathmore Standard, boasting the Rustic Rapids Water Park, amazing fishing, a new ferry, McDonalds, an airport, and house boat complex – there’s so much to enjoy.

In an effort to create an even better experience, The City of Chestermere is rolling out a premium tier to their residential tax base. For $149 a month, residents of Chestermere can become a “Premium Citizen” and enjoy “Priority Plus” services.

Mitch Malone, the director of the program, who is often called the chief “Citizen Experience Consierge” lays out the benefits of the program.

“We actually got the idea from airlines. For a fee you can have more legroom and faster service. We thought, hey, let’s do that here! There are so many great offerings we have for our Priority Plus Chestermere citizens. We simply think it’s the best deal around and we hope that folks will sign up to experience Chestermere in a whole new way,” said Malone.

While Malone promises more benefits to roll out in the coming months, here are some benefits that priority plus citizens will enjoy starting at just $149/month.

  • Front-of-the-line priority position at the all Tim Horton’s drive thru locations in town
  • Priority snow clearing on the street in front of your home
  • A phone call from the Mayor on your birthday
  • A pair of Chestermere branded socks
  • 10% off at any of our 63 liquor store locations
  • Front row seats at city council meetings
  • No limits on garbage bags collected by CUI (plus a call on Christmas Day from a CUI staff person)
  • Speed limit in town is 70 km/h instead of 50 km/h
  • And more!

Residents are encouraged to sign up. All proceeds raised from the premium citizens will go towards dredging the lake.

What added benefits would you like to see? Please post in the comments!