Why the best time to question is: Always!

“Just a series of questions to know whether we are questioning it right.”

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Many live a life, they are told to live, and they love it!

Many live a life they are strictly prohibited to live, and they too love it!

There are some who live the life they are told to live, and feel suffocated in doing so.

If you fall under this category then continue reading this article, or else save your treasured time and live that ‘precious’ life to its fullest. :)

My first question to the readers is:

What makes us love our lives?

Is it having what we desire, or fulfilling the desires of our loved ones? Is it our own happiness, or that of the others? Is it the success in our careers, heavy bank balance, precious assets, or loving family, great friends, a sustainable living?

We all might want something, need something, and get something else.

Perhaps, we are trapped in a web that three of these create. The web confuses us, doesn’t show us a specific path, and doesn’t let us breathe. This is the web that we aspire to break, but cannot.

Why can’t we break through it?

Why being trapped inside it seems more feasible than taking a risk of splitting it apart and letting it throw us into something new: better or worse: but something new! We never know where breaking this web would lead us to, until we actually do it.

Why can’t we stop trying to strike a balance between our wants, needs, and possibilities?

Why can’t we do it then? What stops us from pushing ourselves beyond the limits? Is it our fear of falling out of path? Is it the fear of rejection by our loved ones? Is it our longing of acceptance by our haters? Is it the fright of a loss of identity? Is it a damaged self worth? Is it something other than this, something that must really be bothering us? Since, we readers are those who are living a life that is suffocating us, can we be ignorant of the reason behind this suffocation? Can we let our surroundings overpower our inner yearnings?

Are we just fitting into the gaps?

When we step into something we are told to (or expected to), we look for the spaces that would fit us. We try to find or make spaces for our inner yearnings in or around it. We try to reason the commands, instructions given to us or the expectations made from us, in order to allow our longings enter inside the room of acceptance and conformity.

Why are we reasoning the given?

The efforts we put into the reasoning of all this is just to save ourselves from any burden of self justification. We try to be tolerant of or ignorant towards the imbalance between what we are doing, and what our desires and rationality expects us to do. We suppress ourselves and let several rudiments (inner and outer) overpower us.

Are we our own lawyers?

Somewhere we all are lawyers in our own ways, we can reason and argue on whatever front we are required to. So, why don’t we usually settle for reasoning our own desires and aspirations? What stops us from doing this? The question is, are we reasoning the things because they help us in our self growth or because reasoning those things are our easy way out?

Lastly, just answer one question:

Certainly, what is life without reason! But, what is reason without ‘a life’?

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