The need for a campus conservative renaissance

If anyone has experienced university student politics, you will be aware that it can be intense. Despite the issues at heart being menial and largely insignificant, it is the arena where ambitious politicos hone their skills but often the first place where it is easy to organise, rally around local causes or assemble with like-minded people but also the place to expose yourself to alternative opinions.

But in every university student political scene, you will also be aware that it is dominated by the Left, and at the moment, by a rather radical Left that has an obsession with censorship of speech, making phoney arguments that Israel is a state that is “ethnically cleansing Palestinians”, attempts to terrify Muslim students that government is spying on them, and adheres to anti-Western narratives, at whatever cost.

If you hold conservative opinions, you are likely to be in a very small minority. And whilst many of the politically inactive are probably instinctively quite conservative, they simply cannot be arsed. So if you are a conservative who likes to get stuck in, prepare to be smeared by your opponents, prepare for your opponents to assume the worst in you, but most importantly, stand up for what you believe in.

There needs to be a conservative renaissance that fights back against radical left student culture, not a phoney Milo Yiannopoulos-led alternative right movement, a man who has been found out to be stealing money from the “Privilege Grant” to line his own pocket. This movement must be more. It must unashamedly stand up for Western and uniquely British values and traditions and customs.

Brexit has paved the way for our politics to revert to sovereign status. However, in this anti-establishment feeling, republicanism will be on the march. It is a duty of conservatives to stand up for constitutional monarchy, a mainstay for tens of centuries and today proves to be the most stable form of constitution, whilst the rest of Europe is ravaged by far-left and far-right extremism and the US left with the weak Hillary Clinton or the demagogue and narcissist in Donald Trump. Far-Left republicans need to be fought intellectually.

Judeo-Christian values must be defended which the Left are desperate to do away with. Their desire for more secularism underscores the privileged status of the Church of England, yet it is the Church that gives so much to society. Our foodbanks, which directly address the causes of poverty instead of the Department of Work and Pensions handing out frequent cheques, are the work of faith-based charity. The charitable sector is still dominated by faith groups, and whilst liberal anti-religionists obsess about Christian bakers not putting a gay marriage on a customers’ cake, it is the duty of conservatives to stand up and say that religion is an overwhelming force for good in society.

Conservatism is broad and to stand up to the Leftist Campus Hegemony, conservatives of all shades need to unite. We need conservatives to stand in student elections to serve in their student union to change the political makeup there and to stand up for freedom of speech. We need conservatives to get to National Union of Students conference and challenge their bigotry toward Jews, their homogenisation of whole demographics and their anti-conservative bigotry too. And we need a conservative student movement that seeks to be the pragmatic voice for students that engages with those in power, not let our voice be lost by those who renegade it.

The Corbyn Crusade will seek to dominate the student political scene for the short to medium term. It is conservatives that need to pluck up the courage to stand up for what we believe in and turn inactive instinctively-conservative students into activists, who recognise if there isn’t this fightback, student life and national life is under threat.

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