Why Ryan Lochte’s Lie May Mean the Universe to People We Will Never Know
Rafael Shimunov

I used to be a fan of the Olympics. I used to be a fan of the American athletes competing in the games. This Olympics and especailly Ryan Lochte made me think otherwise.

It’s all about the money anymore. That’s pretty clear. Sportsmanship, playing fair and telling the truth are no longer good enough to win so many of our athletes cheat and lie in desperate attempts to become ‘winners’ so the can cash in. And others follow along.

Once a lier always a lier.

Who would ever buy a product endosed by a lier who can’t even admit he lied and instead claims he just “over exaggerated” his story because he was still drunk. Gimme a break Dumbo.

If any companies continue to use Ryan Lochte as a spokesman for their products they are dumber than the Florida boy himself! Anything he endoses will turn to shit.

He’s a loser not a winner. And all Americans are losing face because of him.

He should give back any medals and have his citizenship revoked to start. He’s definately not from my USA.