Depression doesn’t have a face

Cheyenne Turner

I met Danielle Gordon for the first time the day of our interview. Although we had never met she had the presence and smile that could make anyone feel like a friend.

But Danielle explains depression could be a smile. It could be impossible to get out of bed. Or it could be someone close to you. Depression doesn’t have a face, and Danielle Gordon is making it her duty to help others recognize the signs before it’s to late.

Danielle, is a junior at the University of Nevada, Reno. She’s one of the founders of the 10; 10 Make A Wish organization. The organization was created to spread awareness about suicide. Danielle’s close friend, Brook Fisher, took her own life on Aug. 23, 2014. Brook was not only the inspiration behind the organization but also its name.

Danielle recalls, Brooke would run around the house every day when the clock struck 10: 10 and would say, “Its 10: 10 make a wish! I wish I had a pony.”

The goal of 10;10 make a wish is to spread awareness and make the hard topic of suicide easier to talk about. After this tragic loss in her life, Danielle says she needed to give people contemplating suicide resources.

Danielle say’s, “My biggest dream is to make sure no one feels like that’s there only option and that’s what we’re trying to do with 10; 10 Make A Wish.

When building her own organization, Danielle, started on social media to build a following. Eventually she got the name copy-written and got the ball rolling. A website was created and T-shirts were made to market the cause.

Picture from website

Instagram is one of the best ways for the organization to spread awareness. Danielle runs the Instagram herself and tries to post positive quotes and hashtags. She mentioned that people would send her little thank you texts and says her post really help them through their day. The organization also uses Twitter as a forum. 10; 10 Make A Wish also participates in walks, fundraising with bigger suicide awareness organization.

The passing of her friend Brooke came as such a surprise, that it made her think there needed to be someone who could be there for others going through tough times. Danielle is making it her goal to be that person and has been since that hard day she found out her happy go lucky friend had taken her own life.

Danielle says “Depression doesn’t have a face” You never know who is hurting.

She wants others to feel comfortable saying they’re not okay too.

“If you break your arm, everyone rushes over to help, but if you say you can’t get out of bed because you’re depressed people turn the other way and think you’re crazy.” Danielle says.

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