SPCA: Volunteer or Adopt a furry friend

The Northern Nevada SPCA is home to dogs and cats that are in need of a new loving home. The SPCA is a 501-c non-profit organization that is ran solely on donations.
Elizabeth Brandonberg has been with the SPCA for a year now and is the head Adoption counselor. “I love animals, I get to come to work and find good dogs new homes, thats the best part.” Elizabeth said.
The goal is to find homes for 150 dogs and cats a month, they almost always reach this gaol. This board helps them tack their success stories.
They have several ways to help out these homeless furry friends. Even if you are unable to adopt a dog or cat you can still come volunteer. Anyone 18 years an older can come take a training course and be able to walk the dogs. The sign up board is full almost everyday
Terre is new to the SPCA and not quite ready for adopting but is hoping to find a permeant home soon.
Although the hallways of the kennel can be intimidating due to the echoes of loud barking, the dogs feel the same way. Thats why the SPCA staff recommends that you visit with the dogs outside of the kennels in the many different play facility. They are said to become different dogs!
Gemma and Sorbet are two of the many cats that still need laps to lay on. Each animal has a name and profile telling future owners there age, personalties and special needs if any.
Although so many dogs and cats find permeant homes through the SPCA, like this little guy their are still many great dogs and cats that need a good home.
As the day comes to an end SPCA volunteers gather and wash the empty dog bowls hoping for more adoptions in the days to come.
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