Introducing Feather’s Subscription Plans and Partnerships with West Elm, Casper & more

Since we introduced Feather to the world a little under a year ago, we’ve been hard at work building a service that gives people access to furniture they love without the burden of ownership. We’re so thankful for all the helpful feedback we’ve received from our community of customers, friends, and investors over this past year.

Feather’s mission is to transform our relationship with material goods to create a healthier and happier planet. And today, I’m excited to share two things we’ve been working on to serve you all better and get us a step closer to achieving our mission.

We’re proud to announce the launch of our new website and new furniture partners to take furniture flexibility to the next level. 🎉

We’ve built a first of its kind furniture subscription service. Now, with a Feather subscription, you have access to stylish furniture you can keep as long as you want (between 3 and 12 months). And when your plan is coming to an end, you now have complete flexibility:

Renew your plan — if you’re staying in the same place

Swap your furniture — if you’re moving or would like a refresh

Buy your furniture — if you prefer to commit to ownership

Return your furniture — if life takes you elsewhere

We’re especially excited about the new swap feature because we know first-hand what a pain it can be to live in an urban environment where lives can change so rapidly, causing folks to move often. Feather’s swap option allows you to change homes without the stress of selling your furniture (most often at a loss), incurring crazy moving costs, or replacing all of your furniture to fit your new home’s layout.

With Feather, you can now simply swap the furniture in your plan and have the new pieces delivered to your home. At the end of your plan, if you choose to renew, we’ll swap in/out whatever furniture you’d like — and do this completely free.

We’ve also shaved an average of 25% off our prices to make furniture flexibility even more affordable. And as always, delivery and assembly are free.


Along with the new subscription plans, we’re thrilled to share that we’ve partnered with West Elm, Casper, Joybird, and Pottery Barn to allow Feather customers to enjoy the stylish, built-to-last furniture the brands are famous for. We’re proud to work with these partners who recognize and share our vision for a more flexible future where access beats ownership.

West Elm living room, now available on Feather

Anddria Varnado, Vice President & Head of Strategy & Business Development at Williams-Sonoma, Inc (the parent company of West Elm) had the following to say about our partnership:

“As Williams-Sonoma, Inc. continues to innovate in home furnishings, we are excited to partner with Feather to create and inspire novel customer experiences. Together, we will advance the opportunity for every customer to enjoy our brands’ exclusive and stylish furniture and accessories in their homes.”

By giving people access to the world’s best home decor brands without the commitment of ownership, we’re rethinking people’s relationships with physical goods to be more aligned with how we live today.

Ready to live light? To get started, visit our new site. You can browse all furniture by specific items, select one of our designed room packages, or take our style quiz that will choose the best items for your space in less than 5 minutes (our personal favorite).

We couldn’t be more excited to share what we’ve been working on with you. If you’ve got thoughts, feelings or feedback on these new features, get in touch. We’re ready to listen, learn and then get back to work.

This is just the beginning of our journey to give people more freedom and flexibility. Like what we’re doing? We’d be thrilled to take you under our wing and welcome you to our flock (sorry, couldn’t resist).