Thinking tool

With the advance of technology, people gradually take good advantage of digital devices to communicate with other people or being a thinking tool, but it does not mean people could satisfied on the screen, mouse or keyboard, because digital media carry information to heavy to afford for human. It is significantly important that these devices could mimic the thinking way of human. That is the reason Wii console or the touch screen of Apple are invented. Furthermore, the device should be physical or tangible.

In my project, my project is to analyse a mistubishi UM-151 roller ball pen. It is a classical pen in japan. one of its key feature is really tiny ball to write 0.38 stroke size. Two part are my concern. One is the bearing mechanism which control the liquid paint precisely. This manufacture technique just achieve in recent half century. Another is ball pen it is a modernized pencil which is a effective tool to organize, plan or think. My point is How ball pen help or stimulus thinking. With the progress of novel technology, people tend to throw away traditional tool such as pencil and embrace new one instead.I am thinking is it possible to engage people to use a kind of “ traditional thinking tool” especially for digital generation. In order to achieve this and design a thinking tool, I have to figure out how the working of the mind of human and device by range of cognition psychology especially language and thinking, computer science especially algorithm,mathematics, logic, philosophy especially critical thinking, the discussion about electronic product by speculative design and critical design, creative thing, design thinking tools,current digital tool, toy such as Lego and little bit.

But this idea,thinking tool, is still too vague and broad. I have to build a few criteria and requirement.

A: What kind of thinking?

problem solving thinking? creative thinking? deduction thinking? induction thinking? system thinking?

B: What tool purpose?

Visualization(Mind map/Lotus diagram/Organizer diagram/child play/fold paper for math)/ lower the barrier of working to assist current task(Arduino/little bit/mind-craft)/Inspire creative idea(Mind map/ Arduino/ minmap/Lego/Clay)/Change perspective or familiarity(talking to other people directly/travelling)/thinking efficiently/organize or structure information./just evoke thinking( puzzle/ Go Go game)/communication/anonymous/math tool (算盤abacus/finger digit)

C: What kind of form?

D:What kind of situation?

Study/ teamwork/debate………

E: Flexibility or Standard.

Persona research

digital native V.S. digital imagrant

In the past, If people have question, they always go to bookstore, library or find some people to talk. Accordingly, writing is the only medium to convey information. But nowadays , it appear to be more isolated than other medium because of the low speed replication. Internet and computer are a strong group. Thinking and communication have strong ties. There is some predominant platforms which integrate a lot of thing.

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