8 Unseen Evidences — The Art of Self-Growth & Planting Seeds Along the Way.

Nov 23, 2015 · 8 min read
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The Golden (Brick Road) Age — A Self Directed Path towards Personal Growth

How many roads must a man travel before he admits he is lost?

No real man admits to being lost…

But then again, my friend, the answer is blowing in the wind…
….the road map is blowing in the wind.

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You can’t possibly be lost when you’re constantly on the move. For every forward step you take into the unknown — you’re creating your own future. Even if you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll still end up somewhere.

When you have stopped in your tracks in belief that you’re going the wrong way, that’s when you’re lost.

But really though, no matter which direction you consciously decided to act upon or intended to take — you really aren’t all that “lost”.

Simply because for every forward step you take in your life, the next stepping stone will appear right before your eyes. Sometimes you won’t even notice it since it happens to people so naturally. While other times, it’ll be solely up to you to notice the subtle cues Life has highlighted for you to consider or reconsider.

Few individuals have mastered this principle to a certain degree while others take the concept with a grain of salt. But you know how it goes, believe what thou wilt.

Regardless, once you understand this fundamental truth, you’ll become evermore self-aware of your own surroundings and circumstances — the why, the how & the what — of where you stand today.

The fact that you are reading this at this very moment shows enough significance that at some point in your waking life, you’ve questioned whether you really are on the right track or not.

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If you read all the way through, then I once again congratulate you for reading down this far. *clap clap clap*

You know how the saying goes:

“The person who’ve read a thousand stories, have lived through a thousand lives. While the person who’ve read none, have only lived one.”

Now onto why I really brought you here.

For those who’ve never heard of ZOOSHOO…

Some call it Shoo Heaven (actually, I think it’s only us)… but on the real though — what goes on behind the scene is a fun, loving team putting in the works! Y’all feel me on this?

“You can judge the product, but you can’t judge the hard work.”

Since I’m the type of person who’s naturally observant and aware of certain aspects of a situation where it flies past most people’s radar… I’ve decided to write an impromptu letter of acknowledgement to the lovely ZOO team.

I’d like to expose what goes on behind the scene on the daily & the grind that goes behind our photoshoots.

Since this story is filled with mostly words anyways, I’ll give you a break and stimulate you visually for a bit.

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All jokes aside though…

But first things first…

— Camera ✔

— Make-up kit ✔

— Shoes & outfits ✔

— Coffee ✔

— A place to drop everything ✔

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First thing in the morning. Drop everything, unpack, and get right down to business.
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Hrmmm… what should the model wear today… oh the choices!

Realistically, what our audience sees on ZOOSHOO and in our marketing campaigns are the result of a lot of heart, thought, effort, time, and good-vibes put forth into the artwork you see today.

So embrace yourself, as I take you on a little journey to the core of ZooShoo where our lovely artists gather to paint a vivid picture for you to enjoy.

Lights, Camera — Action!

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Okay… just hold still……. steady….
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As always, we make our lovely models feel extra FABULOUS! :)
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whether it’s on set or off set, we aim to make our models feel at home & comfortable.
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…. we don’t usually shoot, but when we do shoot, it’s usually back-to-back-to-back..and on and on and on!
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the transition…
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From what I heard, one of the most time consuming challenges of all is… making sure the lighting on set is just right.
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Didn’t realize it till now, but what a cute smile :)
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..and oh yeah, we got props for daysss — there’s never a time where the team was underprepared — nope, most definitely not for the holidays!
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After all, it’s just an excuse to go shopping :3
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Of course, we always make sure the model’s themselves absolutely LOVE the way the photos come out.
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Pssst…….. at the end of the day, it’s pure enjoyment when you’re having fun!

And finally, I present to you — the ZOO crew.

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they must be psychic… on somedays, they match unexpectedly
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keeping it real ever since.

This ain’t everyone, but these lovely people sure are the life of the party. :)

A few of these young ladies were interns — so to future employers or recruiters who do encounter these people. I’d give my recommendations. ~Cheers to everyone.

And of course, from my mentors to my colleagues to Steve, our lunch delivery guy (who cooks up an awesome meal) — Much blessings to you all! You are genuinely appreciated, even if I seem distant at times.

In the end, everyone you meet has something valuable to teach or learn. Don’t take it for granted, even if it hurts.

Now, just so you don’t complain about being tricked into clicking into this story post thinking you’ll get some piece of advice on personal development — but instead you had to read through a whole bunch of other crap…

I present to you…

“8 Unseen Evide” — oh whatever, just read below:

“Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.” — John Lennon

  1. Keep going, every baby step counts. Keep the momentum going — beat inertia at its own game. Get into your flow & you’ll finish faster. The moment you stop, you fail.
  2. Hold yourself accountable, if you really want to get shit done. Others can add to your doubts, but only you can prevent yourself from failing, and vice-versa.
  3. Motivate yourself and enjoy the process, but try not to burn out.
  4. Commitment & conviction — if you don’t believe in you, who will? Even if you’re the only one — you must persevere. Eventually you’ll have believed in yourself so much and for so long that others have no choice but to believe in you as well.
  5. Set a Goal (no matter how small), Act upon it, achieve it — then celebrate your success. Release & embrace your endorphins. It’s good for you & you’ll attract more of the same type of energy to keep you going further. Just remember — without a goal, you can’t score.
  6. A random act of kindness goes a long way. Plant a loving seed into every situation or encounter — no matter how small, it’ll make a lasting impression as long as it is a genuinely heartfelt act. That’s my motto.
  7. Mistakes? Regrets? Let it go. Forgive yourself, accept what happened & move on — tomorrow is a new day to work on becoming a better you.
  8. Give zero f*cks about what people think. Your reputation doesn’t define you, your character does. What you end up doing when no one is looking matters more than what’s being fronted. And yup, that also goes for the shady mutha’ f*ckas out there too. You know who you are.
    Karma is just around the corner. :)
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So, what was my personal takeaway while working at this company?

Well, here are some words of wisdom / quotes to describe the accumulation of my experiences at the ZOO. Of course, I won’t go into too much detail.

— Nothing is real to you until you experience it; otherwise it’s just hearsay. So don’t go running around judging situations you’ve never experienced first-hand. Why? You’ll look like an idiot. Some may get away with it in the short-run; but trust, karma catches up and slaps you in the face when you least expect it.

— Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.

— It’s all right to sit on your pity pot every now and again. Just be sure to flush when you are done.

— Surviving and living your life successfully requires courage.

— Be more concerned with your character than your reputation. Your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.

— Regular naps prevents old age… especially if you take them while driving. (…oops, my sarcasm just kicked in :3 )

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— They said we should all pay our taxes with a smile. I tried- but they wanted cash.

— You can’t buy love… but you pay heavily for it. (…priceless, just the way I like it.)

— True friends stab you in the front…then patch you right back up. (…hurts don’t it? now let me buy you a drink.)

— Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired. (…you might as well just call it a night.)

— Those who can’t laugh at themselves leave the job to others.

— I used to think I was indecisive, but now I’m not so sure.

— We never make misteaks… oops

— 87.5% of all statistics are made up. (…like this one)

— I thought I was wrong once, but I found out later I was mistaken.

— Don’t procrastinate. You might as well put it off NOW!
(… yeah, just do it tomorrow)

— If you’re right 90% of the time, why quibble about the other 5%?

— Always remember that you are a unique individual; just like everyone else. (…so I heard you were special)

— You are what you believe, so believe in yourself.

— Some people get confused when a sentence doesn’t end as they potato.

— Just like how this story didn’t end as you expected.

So yes. Potato. The End. Go home and cry about it. QQ

Please share this story if you found it worth your time :)
And please visit: ZOOSHOO & ZOOJI to support these young talented people’s work of art & combined efforts to provide the shoes you need (or for your lady friends — if you’re a guy)

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