Embrace Your Inner Fantasy…

Once upon a time…

Okay, no. This isn’t some cheesy story or post. Okay maybe it is — depending on your perspective.

Now that we’re on the topic of “perspective”, I’ll rant a bit on that…

I’m hoping every individual on this planet understands that perspective is not what you see with the physical eye, but what you choose to see with your mind’s eye & what you decide to put into your belief system after being exposed to whatever new information came your way. It’s a matter of choice, derp.

If you don’t, well… then you should now because you’re reading this.

Shout me out a touché, call me cliché, or call me out on my grammar. You grammar Nazi :]

What I write about may or may not be universally accepted. Again — depends on what you choose to perceive and believe. Whatever the case may be, I’m writing this out in an unfiltered manner.

I enjoy expressing sarcasm that only few people would laugh at & understand… trolling, twisted humor, call it what you will. There’s always a hint of truth in any comedy. Believe it or not.

Actually, don’t believe it — because it gives me great joy to evoke cognitive dissonance in the minds & hearts of the people.

So my belief is this. Add a hint of humor in any situation and just laugh it off. Even if you’re the only one laughing. But hey! At least now you know happiness & laughter can exist without anyone’s help but your own will. And other times, you laugh because something is super hilarious.

So laugh it up my friends, laugh it up… till your eyes bleed tears, face permanently wrinkles & gasping for air because you dried up from laughing too hard… said no one ever.

Well, except for me just now. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ But I didn’t say it, I typed it.

Truth be told — smile more, laugh more, love more — & you’ll age slower than everyone else. Don’t believe me? Just watch.

If you made it down this far — I congratulate you for actually being one in a million individuals who actually reads. Unless you reached here just from what the average “reader” does. In other words, you scrolled down really fast & “scanned” through.

Now you may be thinking… how does this relate to the topic of this post?

“Embrace Your Inner Fantasy”

Well to be honest, it does & it doesn’t.

I only did it because I recently saw these custom designed, disney inspired shoes for women. Which you can check out using this link here:


My first thought when I saw these was… “cool”

So it inspired me to write this post. To be honest though, just check it out — because that was the sole purpose of this post. To showcase these shoes.. Hah!

Well, at least I’m honest(?)

To conclude this post — just like the title says. Embrace your inner fantasy.

Say what you will, truly put in the right conviction into whatever belief you align yourself to & simply live life with no regrets.. Okay maybe a few, but hey!

That’s life. You live & learn. Learn to appreciate what you have or go cry in your little corner, kay?

If you find this little story amusing, feel free to share it with the rest of the world.

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