Get out the Caucus with Social Media

We all know that young voters overwhelmingly support Bernie. It is up to us to reach out to as many potential caucus-goers as possible to remind them about the upcoming caucus, provide them the information for how to find their local precinct location, and to encourage them to caucus for Bernie!

Here is information on how to use Instagram to reach out to potential caucus goers.

(1) Copy this text into your phone’s notepad so that you can copy and paste it

Sorry for the random message but I noticed you’re in Iowa. Did you know the caucuses are this Monday night and it’s going to be really close? You can make a huge difference in the outcome of this election by caucusing for Bernie Sanders on Feb 1st. You can register or update your voter registration at the caucus, and you don’t even need an ID. All you need to do is go to to find out where to go. Just make sure you go to the right location and get there before 7PM!

(2) Open Instagram and click the magnifying glass

(3) Choose ‘Places’ and type in which city you would like to search (I typed in Des Moines, Iowa) and then click on the listing.

(4) This screen will load. Scroll down to ‘Recent Posts’

(5) Choose a recent post

(6) The image will load. Next click the username.

(7) Once the full profile loads, click the ‘…’ next to the username in the top bar

(8) This screen will load. Click ‘Send Message’

(9) Send the copy and pasted text

*If you are working with a team of volunteers to reach out to potential caucus-goers, you may each want to choose a different city to work through to avoid sending multiple messages to the same account.*