Having A Healthy Lifestyle Is 80% Nutrition And 20% Exercise

Whether you’re trying to maintain a healthy weight, lose some unwanted pounds or simply to live a healthy lifestyle, there’s two major aspects you can control and need to focus on: nutrition and exercise. Diet and exercise are a common method for living healthy, and medical professionals suggest mixing the two in pursuit of well-balanced and healthy lifestyle. Connor Mulvey is a Chicago fitness fanatic that spends his free time meal planning and exercising, with an in-depth understanding of what it takes to live a balanced life it’s easy to see why his knowledge is worth sharing. Mr. Mulvey took the time to outline the balance you need, further stating that his optimal balance is 80 percent nutrition, and 20 percent exercise.

80 Percent: Nutrition

No matter how much you run, lift weights, go to fitness classes or swim, having an unhealthy diet will ultimately affect your weight and body’s overall health. Connor Mulvey elaborates by saying this means that your fitness efforts will not be as effective as possible if you do not have an adequate diet. In addition, your diet must cover all the food groups to ensure your body is getting the nutrients and vitamins it needs to function properly.

Often, people underestimate the importance of eating healthy if they are consistently working out. But if you keep the bad foods out, you won’t have to worry about burning them off at the gym. The 80–20 rule suggests that 80% of your results will be directly attributed to your dietary efforts. Connor Mulvey states that when finding your body’s perfect blend, you must address your fiber, protein, carbohydrates, fats, fruits and vegetables intake. Medical professionals will be able to further identify areas where your body needs nutrients.

20 Percent: Exercise

While nutrition is the majority of a healthy life, exercise is still extremely important and should not be skipped. The reason that Connor Mulvey has such success with the 80–20 rule is due to the strict fitness regime coupled with a balanced diet. Setting and sticking to a scheduled fitness routine is difficult at first, but this will help tie the plan together and get you results you desire. Exercise does not need to be strictly lifting weights and running on treadmills, exercise can and should be fun find a method that excites you and keeps you motivated.

Connor Mulvey states that even if you’re working out three to four times per week, it is still essential to your overall well-being to have a diet and will help you lose and maintain weight. Your body expects you to feed it with healthy nutrients vital to its growth.

Why Exercising Is Important to Complement A Healthy Diet

Feeling good and looking fit aren’t the only benefits of working out. In fact, regular exercise reduces the risk of developing diseases like Type 2 Diabetes, cancer and heart disease. If you currently do not have an exercising routine, it’s never too late to start. Connor Mulvey says you will begin to see immediate and long-term benefits when you exercise and cut into the likelihood of these diseases right away. In addition, you’ll feel lesser-known benefits such as, increased happiness, stronger bones, better skin and a clearer mind.

Connor Mulvey’s Final Thoughts

Eating well and working out can transform your body, increase your health and help you lose weight. But, because the two are so important, it’s vital you stick to the 80 percent- 20 percent plan, keeping an emphasis on nutrition while supplementing it with exercise.