Build your own map: Engage in the planning process for the North Branch Industrial Corridor

The Department of Planning and Development is using an interactive social mapping tool, called sMap, to allow locals to share their comments and suggestions with both the City and each other on Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s Industrial Corridor Modernization Initiative.

At meetings on June 5, 6 and 7, DPD staff offered information to the community about the process through a presentation, which can be viewed here.

Until July 5, DPD will be accepting input via sMap for the North Branch planning area. Users can get started by creating an account at More details about how the site works can be found at this link.

Once they’ve created an account, community members can create their own custom map, or view maps from others in the sMap Gallery.

When creating a map, visitors can drop a pin on a specific point, title it, offer comments, and categorize the point under one of nine categories:

  • Community asset
  • Development priority site
  • Problematic intersection
  • Public safety concern
  • Incompatible use
  • Key transit destination
  • Desired use
  • Poor appearance
  • Important transportation corridor

Once in the sMap gallery, visitors can add comments or photos to the sMap points created by others, or they can simply give a “thumbs up” or a “thumbs down” to an idea.

Using input from sMap and other sources, DPD will develop a series of land-use scenarios and present them to the community in August. Those scenarios will be further refined based on community input, and they’ll be used to help guide transportation studies, which will begin this autumn.

This planning process will ultimately result in a land use plan that will be used by the Chicago Plan Commission to evaluate redevelopment proposals and to guide future development in and around the corridor.

If you’ve got questions or comments, please email or Tweet at DPD.

For more information, see “Repositioning Chicago’s Industrial Corridors for Today’s Economy” on the City’s website.

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