Frisco Open Coffee Club

Here is my recap from today’s awesome gathering at Nerdvana Coffee in Frisco:

-Chirag, Dallas, Jeff, Eric, Bob, Michael, Pete, Venny

Startup Events Coming up
- Dallas New Tech 12/6/16
- Smart Cities Summit 2/6/17

Community Needs
- Startup Weekend Organizers 
- House of Genius Volunteers
- Tech Titans

Anyone Hiring/Looking?
- Bob looking for iOS gig, just joined!

Tech News/Discussion Topics
-computer vision, robotics, analytics, iOS, databases, revenue growth, product dev, tech consultancy, accelerator, enterprise tech sales, cyber security, IoT, sensors, digital health, AI, Machine Learning, computational linguistics, materials science.-

  • Self driving 18 wheelers have been on the road successfully now
  • Startups need help selling to large corporations…Bridge Alliance NTX can help!
  • Getting the first sale is key!
  • WavCatcher releasing new signal-enhancing phone cases
  • High end cutting boards…
  • MindVR
  • RoboKind
  • Booster Fuels delivers gas straight to your car while you are parked at work so you can skip the gas station