an apology and redaction of the texas board of education approved Mcgraw-Hill introduction to too much light makes the baby go blind.

a play from TOO MUCH LIGHT by Nick Hart

the crucibles

Hello and welcome to arthur miller’s the crucible. the show were we perform arthur miller’s the crucible 83 times in 15 minutes. these are the 83 crucibles. you are the fifteen minutes. when you walked into this room you received a piece of garbage. this is garbage that we feed to trash cats out in the alley. we perform these crucibles in a precise, numerical, chronological traditional historically accurate, rational repeatable order. now listen up. the crucibles will begin at a very particular and certain time. and that very particular and certain time is made confidential information kept from you for your own security by your lord and savior: Satan.

another thing to know about these crucibles is time is meaningless here. this clock is a symbolic clock it means nothing.

the clock

its an atomic clock representing the amount of nuclear weapons in the world. we are republicans. we don’t believe in science. this clock truly means nothing. in fifteen minutes we are going to perform a three hour long version of the crucible 83 times in a row. you will not be allowed to leave this theatre until all 83 three of our crucibles are finished. after fifteen minutes a horrible buzzing sound will emit from this meaningless bomb machine. it will continue to ring for the days and weeks it takes to complete all 83 crucibles.

some things about these arthur millers’s the crucibles

we didn’t write these 83 crucibles.

tennessee williams: author of 83 crucibles

tennessee williams did. and he hand wrote them 83 times onto old computer paper using only a yellow highlighter. in these crucibles we play large monstrous garish characters outside of our range.

for example i am giles corey. i will always be giles corey, a stubborn old puritan man with spunk from 17 century.

clockwise from left to right: abigail williams, tituba, reverend hale, tony romo

this is abigail williams

this is tituba.

this will always be reverend hale.

and this this is dallas cowboys quarterback tony romo.

up in the booth is senator mccarthy.

another thing about these crucibles is we perform these crucible inside a refrigerator box in another room which you will not be able to see or hear. now first things first: when an everlasting brilliant and infinite white light envelopes this space, it means the crucible is over and it’s time to quietly observe the next crucible.

and walls will turn to cinder bricks.

and you’re sitting in a desk in front of a chalkboard and the blinking fluorescent white light will give you a headache.

and i am your teacher. and this is your book.

you know that there is something wrong here, i know it too, but there is nothing i can do.

these are the facts now and you are wrong. and one day in the future, when things change to the way they should be you’ll never be able to forget the crucible. let crucible number one start now.

because texas public schools is the largest textbook market, the textbook publishers cater to texas’s standards and curriculum and create text books just for them. and then sell those textbooks to all the states in the united states. the texas board of education has proposed the following into their curriculum in the past year.
the slave trade being renamed as the atlantic triangulation trade.
completely removing thomas jefferson from enlightenment curriculum, and replacing him with calvin johnson.
the teachings of Moses and Solomon as the foundation of american democracy.
and lastly referring to Slaves in the united states as “migrant workers”

that means right now somewhere a student is sitting at home trying to answer their study questions. what was the civil war about? it was about “states rights to have migrant workers”

an apology on that introduction speech i gave. i got a few things wrong. go means one of these plays starts. curtain means the play ends. when you hear the word curtain thats your cue to call out the number of the next play you would like to see. we wrote these plays. they are true. and based on our lives. we don’t play characters we are our ourselves. when it gets dark in here, the play isn’t over it just means its dark.

and you’re sitting in a desk in front of a chalkboard and the blinking fluorescent white light will give you a headache.

and i am your teacher.

and this is your book.

and you’re not sure what the answers are anymore.

and you’re angry and furious.

the damage has been done and you are helpless.

The text of this play is from our weekly show TOO MUCH LIGHT MAKES THE BABY GO BLIND. If this made you curious or angry or confused or anything in between, find us on Twitter or Instagram or Facebook to talk to us about it. You can also subscribe to our Neo-Newsletter to stay hip to what’s happening at the Neo-Futurarium. Hope to see in real life real soon! — The Neo-Futurists

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