I Want You But I don’t Know How To Tell You

by Brenda Arellano

Guys, I was supposed to write a blog about our plays and NeoFuturism and shit but instead, I revisited one of my favorite albums, Marvin Gaye’s I Want You. It’s a very sensual album, with Marvin crooning, strings swelling, and women moaning in the background. And I’m like, How do I put my love for this album and all its sensuality into a play? How do you make a sexy play, without it being cheesy or skeevy?

You can’t. Cuz this album is some stand alone shit.

I started doing a lil research. DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY BABIES WERE MADE WHEN THIS ALBUM CAME OUT?! I don’t, but it was probably a lot.

Marvin used to sing laying down. You try singing laying down. That’s right. You’re not Marvin Gaye.

He had his own studio built, separate from Motown’s studio so he could work on his own time but also take naps and play basketball.

He was shot point blank in the chest by his father.

A quote from the album’s co-writer and producer, Leon Ware: ‘You can dance to it, masturbate to it, or make love to it’. That man is now an ordained minister and is not afraid to tell his granddaughter about being a part of one of the greatest R&B albums of all time.

The cover art was done by Ernie Barnes, which sent me down this other rabbit hole. He was an African American painter who was also a professional football player who played for five seasons. He would get fined for doodling during team meetings. The NFL kept him on salary as an artist. He was also super fucking hot.

Marvin Gaye was also smoking hot. Duh.

Oh yeah. We have seven world premieres this weekend. Come over and check them out. Or stay home with Marvin.

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