Rehearsal Night — March 15th, 2016: The Night of the Election

by — Kurt Chiang

The whole world was watching, and Ida brought us hats.

Check it out…

Did you spot ’em? That’s Ida celebrating her gift that she brought us.

And that’s Kirsten and Lily sporting those hats. They’re a little hard to see, because they mix real well with that deep pro-blue, the kind of blue you just want to conference around. To see them better (the hats), here’s Nick, wearing his inside-out…


We were pretty excited about them all night.

We just couldn’t stop wearing ‘em.

Then we talked about the election a little bit. We compared our favorite candidates (you know, their pros and cons). We got mad, passionate, solemn. But then someone made the keen observation that — when we wearing the hats — we kind of looked like Scandinavian peasants.

And so we talked about the hats some more, and before you knew it, it was time to go home. I don’t know if anyone wore their hats home, but I can tell you one thing — a lot of great change came as a result.

Thank you, Ida.

And everyone else — I hope you’ll consider exercising your civic duty. It’s important.


And I hope you’ll consider coming to Too Much Light this weekend.