The Infinite Wrench, March 17–19 ~ This Week’s Tweaks, “splinters into my WHAT?”

Nick Hart, in his play Changing of the Milk (2016), thinks about what he’s done. (photo credit — Joe Mazza/Brave Lux)

This week at The Infinite Wrench, Nick Hart wrote a play where a Neo-Futurist gets to reflect…through the brain of Nick Hart.

The title (and, in effect, the script) of that play is below. But to keep the play a surprise, parts are replaced with those delicate ellipses. Enjoy.

WHAT IN THE HELL AM I DOING?… ~ Nick Hart, 2017
WHAT IN THE HELL AM I DOING? Here I am, … What am i … MONEY? … Where am i … DO YOU KNOW WHAT …? … my brain, … You are blessed. … SPLINTERS INTO MY … I eat. … every week … IT’S ALL WRITTEN DOWN. … every week… “how can i theatricalize this?” … “HOW CAN I THEATRICALIZE THIS?” … CRUST SHELL OF THE METH HEAD CLOWN YOU USED TO BE?

<< Cast, Plays and Tweaks in this The Infinite Wrench >>

This week’s cast includes Nick, Jeewon Kim, Tif Harrison, Ida Cuttler and slapping himself down into his first week back, Dan Kerr-Hobert. And Jacob Brown makes the tech booth pretty. The 6 new plays they’ve written…

The remainder of tonight’s performance goes out to someone very special (DKH) ~ One foot at a time. (DKH) ~ Worse than nothing (DKH) ~ coffin rehearsal (TH) ~ Dan and Jeewon by the Water (JK) ~ WHAT IN THE HELL AM I DOING?… (NH)

And carrying over from last week’s attempt, this week’s original plays are doused and categorized by color, the order determined by audience intervention, and that same audience pitted against each other in sport.

See you this week, and next.

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