THIS WEEK’S TWEAKS at The Infinite Wrench ~ July 14–16: “A Tale of Two Cities (and their pizzas)”

“This Week’s Tweaks” is The Neo-Futurist’s weekly update on the ongoing & ever-changing THE INFINITE WRENCH, a live mechanism to unleash a barrage of two-minute plays for the present audience. Check in every week for updates on the new plays and rotating Neo-Futurist ensemble members.

Dan says, “Bring it in.” (photo credit: Joe Mazza 2016)

Chicago may be the original home of Neo-Futurism, but it has spread its feathery wings and flown out across the country. During its journeys, it dropped anchor (we’ve jumped metaphors, stay with us) in New York in 2004, and San Francisco in 2013. NY and SF have their very own batches of Neos and their very own show seasons, but all companies write within our shared home show, The Infinite Wrench. Just as Neo-Futurism itself has traveled around the country, sometimes Neo ensemble members travel around the country. And when they come to visit us in Chicago, we welcome them with open arms, deep dishes (unless you have popular tastes), and performance opportunities.

This week, we are psyched to have New York Neo-Futurist Kyra Sims as an ensemble member in this weekend’s performances of TIW. Kyra’s going to be here all summer, and in addition to writing tiny, tiny plays, she is also featured in our next Prime Time show, The Food Show, a show which is, indeed, what it eats.

Don’t miss your chance to see Kyra in space and time, but here’s her picture for now…

Where’s YOUR bear?

<<This Week’s Cast, Plays and Tweaks>>

Cast: Ida Cuttler, Trevor Dawkins, Jeewon Kim, Lily Mooney, Kirsten Riiber, Kyra Sims, Malic White. (with Taylor Fenderbosch on tech)

Play Count: 8 NEW (TOTAL: 9969 since 1988). ~ the sense that links to memory (KS) ~ In which you, the audience, help me, a First Grade teacher, revise some things I’ve said in anger to my students (JK) ~ On phases and fatherhood: Jeewon and Ida have a snack (IC) ~ Good for Little Kids, Weird for Full Grown Adults (TD) ~ The cadence of your acquaintance (KR) ~ The Bath (TD) ~ A Collection of Facts (MW) ~ midnight showers (LM)

Tweaks: 30 PLAYS and 5 WRENCHES (hints: outdated IM, straight chillin’, dire consequences). Plays labelled according to their place in the Total Play Count, written and accumulated since 1988, timed with a cumbersome device.

Visit for tickets to “TIW.” Neo-Futurism is portable.

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