THIS WEEK’S TWEAKS at The Infinite Wrench ~ July 7–9: “Making the singular wrench count (to four)”

“This Week’s Tweaks” is The Neo-Futurist’s weekly update on the ongoing & ever-changing THE INFINITE WRENCH, a live mechanism to unleash a barrage of two-minute plays for the present audience. Check in every week for updates on the new plays and rotating Neo-Futurist ensemble members.

Rainbow paint handprints on the wall from the Paint-Hands Wrench in PRIDE WEEK’S 30 Queer Plays in 60 Straight Minutes

The Neo-Futurists are 10 weeks into The Infinite Wrench since throwing these things we call “wrenches” into the mix of two-minute plays. If you’ve seen the show since then, you may have experienced some heightened moments and hindrances as a result of these out-of-left-field influences on the show. Maybe Christmas was celebrated. Or a cartwheel was attempted. Perhaps a Neo-Futurist was forced to speak an embarrassing truth. We’ve thrown plenty of paint at the wall (see above) to stretch the boundaries of our new show, and we’re continuing it this week.

After rolling a “1” on the die on Saturday, that dictates that we only have 1 wrench in this week. And this wrench speaks to the superstitious among us.

from “Wrench of Tetraphobia” by Jeewon Kim
Tetraphobia is a fear of the number four that is commonplace in East Asian cultures. In Cantonese, if you pronounce the word “sei” with a mid-level tone, “sei,” it means the number four. If you pronounce the word “sei” with a rising tone, “sei,” it means death. Hence, tetraphobia. Elevators in East Asian countries frequently skip from the third to the fifth floor. A numeral 4 in the street address of a home can depreciate its value by thirty to fifty thousand American dollars. We, the Neo-futurists aren’t superstitious. But you might be.
Americans might find fear of the number 4 odd, but they still need to get over our issues with 13.

<<This Week’s Cast, Plays and Tweaks>>

Cast: Kurt Chiang, Ida Cuttler, Trevor Dawkins, Jeewon Kim, Lily Mooney, Kirsten Riiber, Malic White. (with Taylor Fenderbosch on tech)

Play Count: 7 NEW (TOTAL: 9961 since 1988). ~ Unsolicited Advice On Bike Riding and Maintenance, A Manual by Men (MW) ~ my roommate is a bitch (KR) ~ Exercise v. Exorcise (TD) ~ An only-slightly-exaggerated recreation of a conversation between Malic White and Trevor Dawkins, which took place AT THIS VERY THEATER, on June 29th, 2017 (MW) ~ Survey regarding the absolute and the personal feat. a basketball clock from Lake Geneva, WI (JK) ~ stand-ins (LM) ~ Trying our best to make it through (TD) ~

Tweaks: 30 PLAYS and 1 WRENCH (hints: 3<x<5, Stevie Wonder, and unbridled terror). Plays labelled according to their place in the Total Play Count, written and accumulated since 1988, timed with a cumbersome device.

Visit for tickets to “TIW.” Go 4th and prosper.

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