THIS WEEK’S TWEAKS at The Infinite Wrench ~ June 22–25: “Neo-Pride: The Infinite Wrainbow in the 21st Century”

“This Week’s Tweaks” is The Neo-Futurist’s weekly update on the ongoing & ever-changing THE INFINITE WRENCH, a live mechanism to unleash a barrage of two-minute plays for the present audience. Check in every week for updates on the new plays and rotating Neo-Futurist ensemble members.

Cast of The Apple (It Came From…The Neo-Futurarium IX), reaching for glory since 1994 (photo credit: Evan Hanover)

It’s Pride week! And this week’s Wrench is hot. Last night’s first Pride show was our first sold out night of The Infinite Wrench, and the remaining shows all weekend have been selling out online. We like to have that line around the corner, however, so if you show up early enough, there will be seats for you and your friends’ butts.

Now, we know we’re not the only game in town when it comes to Pride shows and celebrations. Everyone is doing something. But we’d love to point you to a few things Pride/Neo-related. Namely, a few alumnae are busy with these unique & scintillating projects. Plenty of art to experience if you’re not so much into parades.

* It Came From… The Neo-Futurarium XII: Dawn of the Neo-Futurarium! — Neo Alums Rachel Claff and Dina Walters bring back the 12th installment of these time-honored Neo-Futurist readings of the best bad films of the 20th century. Tomorrow kicks off with a pride-themed reading of girls-in-prison schlock film Caged! (1950), featuring Neo Ensemble Member Ida Cuttler and Neo Alum Jessica Anne, directed by Claff and Neo Alum David Kodeski. You can find tickets to that here.

* Hitler On The Roof is a play being put on by Akvavit Theatre, a clown-ish rendition of the story of two notorious Nazi personalities, including Leni Reifenstahl played by Neo Alum Jay Torrence. Jay was the Neo’s Artistic Director from 2007–2009, and instrumental in developing our Pride show. So be sure to support him in this exciting new work. Tickets here.

* Drinking and Writing Theater’s Pride Vs. Prejudice — Neo Alums Steve Mosqueda and Sean Benjamin’s theater, dedicated to exploring the connection between drinking and writing, puts on this ongoing short play format of VS. in competitive installments. Tomorrow closes this pride-themed version. Get tickets here.

It’s true, Neo-Futurism is everywhere.

Now take a look at what Pride looks like…

<<This Week’s Cast, Plays and Tweaks>>

Cast: Ida Cuttler, Trevor Dawkins, Tif Harrison, Jeewon Kim, Kirsten Riiber, Malic White. (with Kate Hardiman on tech)

Jay Torrence’s Neo-Futurist photobooth picture from 2003-ish

Menu for TIW: 30 QUEER PLAYS IN 60 STRAIGHT MINUTES: Eden ~ True Glove ~ Find Your Light ~ THE BOOBY PRIZE ~ GAY Sex Positions for People With Pets ~ anarchist hopscotch ~ The Malic White Story ~ Spot the Homosexuals ~ 27 yo s4o (spermatozoon for ovum) ~ A Song for My Father, Who Won’t Attend My Wedding ~ Third Wheel ~ It is calculated. It is enviable. ~ Freudian Landslide ~ Seventh Grade Stage Cross ~ Two Minute One Way Clothing Swap ~ OSTRICH STITCHES~ Happy Ending! ~ Pink VS Gold; Frantic Handshake Relay~ You have to tell me exactly how to do it or i’ll never get it right (#2) ~ Resilience of Spring ~ One Step Up The Staircase ~ Re-Creation of a Childhood Fear ~ Preparing the Guillotine ~ Mom’s Books ~ a late night play ~ Deja The Babadook ~ Andersonville Menagerie ~ Moonlight, through the clouds ~ Spacial Relations on Couch Items 1–13 ~ A classic song with slight adjustments for modern times ~ (note: 2 of these plays were written new for this menu; the other 28 are some of our favorites, from the archives.)

Tweaks: 30 PLAYS and 1 WRENCH (hint: What’s messy, rainbow colored, and gay all over?). Plays labelled by color, displayed sensationally, the performance timed with a cumbersome device.

Visit for tickets to “TIW.” Love Wins.

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