THIS WEEK’S TWEAKS at The Infinite Wrench ~ September 15–17: “You & Me”

“This Week’s Tweaks” is The Neo-Futurist’s weekly update on the ongoing & ever-changing THE INFINITE WRENCH, a live mechanism to unleash a barrage of two-minute plays for the present audience. Check in every week for updates on the new plays and rotating Neo-Futurist ensemble members.

Two weeks ago Joanna showed up at your door (“at your door” in this case being more like within the sights of your eyes, when you found yourself inside the four actual walls of The Neo-Futurist Theater — and thank you for coming), and this week, in The Neo-Futurists ever-persistent excavation of what some might perceive as The New, the truly exclusive and singular Trent Creswell joins the ranks as the 73rd Neo-Futurist ever.

Spy upon one of his first plays, that you can catch tonight.

from “tracheoto-you / tracheoto-me” by Trent Creswell
This little kid was pointing at me on an airplane. Usually that wouldn’t be okay but this kid’s face had been burnt off so he seemed legit. He wasn’t pointing at my face though, he was pointing at the hole in the middle of my throat. He had one too. He pointed to my breathing tube and pointed to his breathing tube and said to his Dad, “Look, he looks like me.” Kids are usually afraid of me so this was a really nice connection….
Whenever two people see each other who have both had this experience there is an automatic response. They look surprised and embarrassed and bring their hands to their throats as if they have just caught themselves in the mirror.

<<This Week’s Cast, Plays and Tweaks>>

Cast: Ida Cuttler, Nick Hart, Kurt Chiang, Tyler Butterfield, Joanna Jamerson, and Trent Creswell. (with Mitchell Chapman on tech)

Play Count: 6 NEW (TOTAL: 9992 WE ARE LESS THAN 10 AWAY PEOPLE! since 1988). ~ tracheoto-you / tracheoto-me (TC) ~ HAT GAME (TC) ~ showering (JJ) ~ 9 to 5 ad nauseum (TB) ~ At the Battery Forum (KC) ~ When visiting the apple orchard on a Saturday or Sunday; expect large crowds 1 (IC)

Tweaks: 30 PLAYS and 5WRENCHES. Plays labelled according to their place in the Total Play Count, written and accumulated since 1988.

Visit for tickets to “TIW.” Don’t be embarrassed.

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