THIS WEEK’S TWEAKS at The Infinite Wrench ~ September 8–10: “Come glark with us.”

“This Week’s Tweaks” is The Neo-Futurist’s weekly update on the ongoing & ever-changing THE INFINITE WRENCH, a live mechanism to unleash a barrage of two-minute plays for the present audience. Check in every week for updates on the new plays and rotating Neo-Futurist ensemble members.

Tyler Butterfield, a San Francisco Neo Alum, Midwest native, and current Chicago resident, is doing his first run of the Wrench with The Neo-Futurists in Chicago, and this is his second week in. And as depicted in one of this plays this week, he has a hopeful vision for the future…

from “our six senses: an imagined future” by Tyler Butterfield.
Oh, excuse me. I was just glarking. Glarking is our newest sense [in addition to sight, touch, smell, taste and hearing] thanks to aggressive genetic mutation. Glarking is one of the best senses. I know it doesn’t look like I’m doing anything right now but if my pants weren’t burned to my body I could show you just how glarking works and you would be amazed. You might wonder how our science advanced so far to allow us to glark? Thankfully, we didn’t have to do anything at all but just sit back and live our lives and our amazing leaders took care of the rest!

Scamper your way to the Neo-Futurarium this weekend, and there is little doubt that you will see (and hear) how glarking looks (and sounds). Thank you, Tyler.

<<This Week’s Cast, Plays and Tweaks>>

Cast: Ida Cuttler, Nick Hart, Kyra Sims, Kurt Chiang, Tyler Butterfield, and Joanna Jamerson. (with Mitchell Chapman (1st week!) on tech)

Play Count: 8 NEW (TOTAL: 9986 since 1988). ~ a brief test of your resolve in these trying times (JJ) ~ 21st century sailors (IC) ~ Dreamers Don’t Answer the Door (KC) ~ Swan Song: for hidden horn and human round (KS) ~ bathed in crimson: a dramatic retelling of the events of february 14th, 2016 (JJ) ~ The new kid. (NH) ~ our six senses: an imagined future (TB) ~ Wise (TB) ~

Tweaks: 30 PLAYS and 6WRENCHES. Plays labelled according to their place in the Total Play Count, written and accumulated since 1988.

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