Knockout Thanksgiving Vegan Dishes and Desserts with Dandies

Here are a few of our top holiday recipes to have a uniquely delicious and cruelty free Thanksgiving with Dandies Marshmallows.

1. Holiday Sweet Potatoes

These sweet potatoes are the most excellent side dish to any holiday meal. Slightly smoky and perfectly sweet.

2. Maple Macadamia Butter and Allspice Cherry Compote S’mores

This may not be a traditional Thanksgiving dessert, but hey it’s 2015 and the fall flavors in this unconventional s’more are guaranteed to be a show stopper!

3. Apple Butternut Curry Soup with Coconut Milk Brûléed Dandies

The best flavors of fall are present in this decadent soup! Did you know Marshmallows are appearing more and more in fine dining, especially in soups? This soup recipe is seriously delicious and the coconut milk brûléed Dandies Marshmallows add an awesome element of flavor harmony and surprise.

4. Pumpkin Dandies Marshmallow Bars

Is it a pumpkin pie? Is it a cheesecake? It’s everything you ever wanted in a cute, easy to eat, bar!

5. Dandies Sweet Potato Hush Puppies

Hush Puppies stuffed with mashed sweet potatoes and Dandies Mini Marshmallows and fried to crispy perfection. Serve this up as a side and have the raddest, most delicious Tofurky Day ever!

6. The Sexy Vegan’s Pumpkin Pistachio Frahnk-en-steen Squares

Our friend Brian Patton, aka The Sexy Vegan, created these gorgeous squares of pumpkin magic. The ideal treat for a potluck Thanksgiving with friends.

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