Vegan Cookie Substitutes for Honey Graham Crackers

S’more season is in full blast and there is an extreme shortage of quality vegan graham crackers on the shelves of our local grocery stores. Did you know cookies make delicious substitutes for grahams and pair magically with Dandies Marshmallows? Here’s a guide to the best that can be found in most common grocery chains!

  1. Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookies. I try to avoid buzzword terms like “life-changing” and “mind-blowing,” but umm making S’more’s with these cookies is just that. DO IT!

2. Oreos. The finest of the accidentally vegan foods. I believe it was Bake and Destroy who coined the term “S’moreos.” God bless her. This is an excellent option when you are in the middle of nowhere with limited shopping options, because Oreos are EVERYWHERE.

3. Enjoy Life Soft Baked Cookies Gingerbread Spice. These you can find in the Gluten Free and Vegan sections of most grocery stores. Excellent choice if you are looking for a product with allergy friendly ingredients. P.S. Who is stoked to make S’mores with the new Pumpkin Dandies and these cookies in the fall!?

4. Trader Joes Maple Leaf Cookies. If you don’t know this already, these are the best cookies on the planet. Highly recommend these, if you are looking to make an out of control ridiculous S’more.

5. Eat Pastry Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Eat Pastry and Dandies are BFF’S and go f-ing fantastically together. I highly reccomend picking up a container at your local natural foods store to have on hand at all times. If you are gluten free, they have an awesome product for you too. Make a batch to take on your next camping trip and be the MVP for life.

6. Back to Nature Madagascar Vanilla Wafers. Basically vegan Nilla Wafers. Add a caramelized banana slice to take this S’more over the edge.

7. The original Nabisco Grahams (in the red box) are vegan! Although, once you go cookie it’s hard to look back.

Cookie S’mores made with Enjoy Life Gingerbread Spice Soft Baked Cookies

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