Best Varicose Vein Treatment Options in Chicago

Overfilled with blood, dilated and collapsed veins cause varicose vein medical abnormality in human beings. Women suffer mostly from this vein disease. Pregnancy, obesity, menopause, standing for long hours at a stretch, sitting for extended time period crossing their legs, family medical history showing such medical issue etc all or any of these might cause varicose vein issue. Best Varicose Vein Treatment in Chicago will help treating, monitoring and if possible curing this. Total recovery or cure in general is not witnessed. However, there is nothing to worry as it will never cause threatening to life.

Physical examination of veins in patients with varicose vein complaints is done by observing the veins by doctors. They might check for blood flow by asking you to move your legs in various directions. They also check your legs for tender areas, swelling, skin color changes, ulcers, and other signs of skin breakdown. Ultrasound and Duplex Doppler Ultrasound are done when the case seems a bit complicated or an issue involving deep veins is sensed.

Life style changes are the first step doctors start with treating varicose veins issues in patients before adopting any serious medical treatment options available. Patients are avoided standing for long time at a stretch and even asked not to sit with legs crossed for long time. They are asked to lose weight as weight of the body puts more pressure on the legs where the varicose veins are generally found to develop. Wearing very tight clothes are also not recommended. Moderate physical exercise is asked for. Patients are also advised to keep their legs at an elevated position slightly when they sleep or sit.

Then if the symptoms persist then compression stocking is advised to be worn by patients to help proper flow of blood to the heart through veins. These compression pantyhose or stockings can be availed easily from medical or drug stores.

Then also if the symptoms are showing their stubbornness then more impactful and serious medical treatments will be required to be adopted. Sclerotherapy is a medical procedure where a solution is injected into the affected veins so that it scars then and closes them. Within a few weeks the varicose veins injected will fade off. No anesthesia is used as it is not painful and certainly not a surgery. You can just go and get the injection injected by your doctor and return home. It is a very effective non-surgical treatment option.

For large veins Foam Sclerotherapy is done where foam solution is injected into the varicose vein.

Smaller varicose veins and even spider vein conditions are can be treated using innovative laser technology to close the affected veins. In laser surgeries no needle or incision is ever used but just strong burst of light is focused on the affected veins.

High ligation; Vein Stripping, Using Radiofrequency or Laser Energy, Ambulatory Phlebectomy, Endoscopic Vein Surgery etc are other used surgical and non-surgical treatment methods by doctors depending on the gravity of the medical situation. You too can select calculating the associated risks.

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