Photo by Brooke Collins

Chicago’s Students Set Another Record Score With NWEA This Year!

Mayor Emanuel announced the latest in a series of record-high achievements by Chicago Public School (CPS) students, demonstrating that while they continue making academic progress, they are doing so at a pace faster than other school districts nationally.

CPS performance on the 2016 NWEA (Northwest Evaluation Association Measures of Academic Progress) scores, the standard for 2nd through 8th grade academic achievement, are in — demonstrates that a whopping 6 out of 10 students are reading at or above the national average at CPS, with more than half outpacing peers nationally in math. While growth like this is particularly impressive for large urban districts, the NWEA results prove monumental gains ahead of peers in other districts across the country.

This progress comes in a series of other record-setting achievement by CPS students in recent years, from record high graduation rates to record high college enrollment rates, to record high ACT scores and record high attendance.