Gender Ideology? Up Yours!

Mallory Moore
Jan 23 · 25 min read

What is Gender Ideology?

A chronology

Walking the Date Before counter backwards as I go
Comment link here
Interesting graphic from blog header snipped due to these cut up gender icons bearing more than a passing similarity to those popular among Mumsnet “Gender Criticals”

At this point I am taking a break reproducing the missing data from a draft that got destroyed when I first tried to publish. I have managed so far to get a complete (at least complete as I can make it) timeline of the rise in adoption of the transphobic idea of a specific trans related “Gender Ideology”. I’ve stated some constraints on which model of Gender Ideology I’m talking about to distinguish it from the wider sociological concept and distinguished some anti-trans feminist uses of the term from more reactionary ones where that seemed appropriate.

Mallory Moore

Written by

is a trans woman, professional hacker, sometime activist and researcher of cis studies.

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