Happy 2018! Fresh out of the holidays, we are looking forward to yet another year of amazing monthly workshops in San Francisco.

Last month on December 9th, we kicked off this new year with a two-day event held by our friends at August Home. Three instructors taught twenty-six girls in one of three collaborative workshops:

  • User Experience Design & Mobile Prototyping
  • Android App Development
  • Contributing to Open Source
Solving Problems at our Android App Development Workshop

The participant girls come from high schools all over the Bay Area, and though a few were already experienced in coding, many of the girls were learning about technology and a potential…

CT: What is your current position?
PR: I’m a Product Designer at Pivotal Labs in San Francisco.

CT: What are some of the things you do on a typical day?
PR: Pivotal Labs is a global software consultancy, and I work with clients to understand their business and product goals. In my role, an important part of the consulting process is doing user research. What that means is that we test whether or not consumers want the product being proposed. Sometimes they don’t. That’s why we do testing before we build in software development. Doing it this way saves the client…

Stacey Ferreira joined ChickTech at the 2017 ACT-W Conference in San Francisco as a featured speaker. There she spoke on global female entrepreneurial contributions and how she personally got started in the tech industry. She is an accomplished author, writing about the importance of acting on your passions and making a difference at any age. She speaks up in the film “She Started It”, a documentary following five female tech entrepreneurs over two years and the struggles faced along the way. She has given TEDx talks and been on Forbes’ 30 under 30 Retail and E-Commerce list. We got to…

We were fortunate to catch up with experience technical recruiter Donna Rutledge after she participated on a panel discussion at the ACT-W conference in early April. Her advice about how to stand out as a job candidate comes from her extensive background of over 20 years in the business; having been a Lead Recruiter for Google, a Senior Recruiter at TIBCO Software, a Senior Technical Talent Partner at Adobe and now the Senior Technical Recruiter for Docusign, to name a few. She is a dedicated recruiter that looks for connections that ensure the optimal candidates are successfully placed so that…

Laura Geiger, founder of Meredith Consulting LLC, participated in a panel at the recent ACT-W Conference entitled “What Recruiters Look for in Prospective Candidates.” We wanted to pick her brain a little further to learn more about what it means to be a recruiter in the tech field, what impresses her most in a job candidate, and what advice she has for women interested in pursuing tech-related careers.

ChickTech: What is your job title?
Laura: Owner, Chief Recruiting Officer, Recruiting Director

CT: Can you describe your job briefly?
Laura: Owner of a small boutique recruiting agency

CT: Have you always…

There are so many factors that go into mobile UX design: what colors to use, what font to pick, where to put the button, how to catch a users eye, and the list goes on. Women make up half the population, and see things very differently; so, a woman’s perspective could make all the difference in the success of a design. We asked our February workshop leaders, Lindsey and Toni, to share their story of getting into the tech industry, inspirations and involvement with ChickTech.

ChickTech — Can you describe your job briefly?

Lindsey: I do the day-to-day analytics for…

Anisha is a 10th grade student at Mission San Jose High. She attended our kick-off event last November and we’ve seen her at almost every one of our workshops since. She has shown tremendous enthusiasm for the program and an aptitude for science and tech! We asked her for some of her thoughts.

ChickTech — How did you hear about ChickTech?

Anisha — I first heard about the Chicktech workshop from my mom. She wanted me to get a feel for the whole tech thing, and we had previously tried to get into Girls Who Code, but there wasn’t enough…

ChickTech: High School is a free program created to show high school girls that technology can be fun and exciting.

Our Bay Area team created a comprehensive academic year-long program that began last December with a 2-day event for a cohort of 100 high school girls.

This event was designed to help girls explore technology, build their confidence, and create a positive association with technology. Girls all the way from San Jose to Santa Rosa joined us at Lithium Technologies in San Francisco for this unique learning experience!

Picture Credit: Grace Huang

Our community of workshop leaders designed special curricula for our participants, so everyone, regardless of tech related experience, had an opportunity to learn and achieve amazing milestones. …

The ChickTech High School Program is a year long series of hands-on and tech related workshops for girls. It’s free.

Our fifth and final ChickTech high school workshop of the year was a smashing success! ChickTech High School girls from all across the Bay joined together one last time for a workshop on Mobile User Experience and Mobile Interface Design. We teamed up with the design wizards at Odopod San Francisco and the video game live streaming leaders at Twitch to host this fantastic affair.

Amongst the lounge and arcade social hall of the Twitch offices, our girls buckled down to learn the ins and outs of Mobile UX and UI. …

The ChickTech High School Program is a year long series of hands-on and tech related workshops for girls. It’s free.

Last April, our students attended an Intro to HTML, CSS, and Javascript workshop hosted by our partner “Holberton School of Software Engineering” and led by Melody, a General Assembly instructor, and her friends.

The girls started the day with a front end overview with Melody. She explained the difference between HTML, CSS and JavaScript, then put Atom, a modern text editor used by professionals, into the students’ hands. …

ChickTech Bay Area

ChickTech is dedicated to retaining women in the technology workforce and increasing the number of women and girls pursuing technology-based careers.

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