Meaningful Connections at Conferences By the Bay

This week I went to many data-science conferences: H2O World, Datapalooza, MLConf, and am going to Open Data Science conference on the weekend.

It’s amazing our people-connecting technology is still the same as it was at the Congress of Vienna in 1813. We meet at coffee breaks, or awesome lunch trucks, and spot each other badges, perhaps see folks talking to someone you know. We may meet a speaker or a panelist we liked. But your most productive collaborator, your future hire or employer may stand next to you and never you will never talk to them!

For Data By the Bay, a close-to-data-code-people conference, we are running a hackathon for both software and IoT-based systems to connect attendees. We’ll measure meaningful connections via a survey after the conference. We’re raising a prize fund to facilitate students and startups. Think of the best ways to use data to enable meaningful connections!

We can email a list of URLs for the hackathon to the attendees, and it will your task to engage with the users from that point on. We may install beacons and screens projecting interests and such at the venue. Email us at if you want to build a next generation community system.

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