What I eat during the chemo therapy

I started 180 days of chemo therapy on April 25, 2017. This is a log to record how my taste buds change and what I sometimes eat during this time.

In Sapporo, where I live, I can find fresh fish at the supermarkets. And here I talk about fish because I was avoiding them all together after the nuclear power plant accident in 2011. And when I was diagnosed with cancer, I thought eating meat a lot was not a good idea, perhaps. That makes body inflammatory. So after some talks with dietitian at the hospital, I was convinced to eat more fish.

What I made on May 14: Aqua Pazza

I did not use red snapper but something bigger and cheaper. I bought a fillet of fish with a name forgotten. Cut the pink coloured fillet into 3 pieces and cut mushrooms and an egg plant, and one big tomato into bite-size. Seasoned with salt n’ pepper, vegetable broth powder and some provence herb mix. Sprinkled some olive oil at the bottom and the top. Then baked in the oven for 50 min at 180℃ (in the heat-resistant container).

It tasted ?? There are lots of fish I do not know name well. This is one of them.
Not like red snapper but okay, within my range of “yummy” food to eat.

I bought some stuff to make Keto Ice cream but had not time to do so today.
May be one of these days.

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