It Will Take Liberal-State Landslides to Draw Clinton Back to the Debate Stage

Just as “The Donald” announced today that he’s done with debates — going so far as to pull out of a FOX News debate on Monday— it’s going to be difficult to get Hillary Clinton to climb back on stage with an opponent her camp is now dismissing as an also-ran.

Clinton does well in debates, and even when she doesn’t, the corporate media fixing the race for her say that she does. But she has little left to gain from debating Sanders — especially #SaltySanders, the one who has shown up at recent debates with a quick rejoinder and a “don’t tread on me” demeanor.

So how will Sanders continue to get his message out to the audience who still gets its news from TV? And it’s not just them: internet-only denizens enjoy looking for the highlight clips of Sanders taking on Clinton, the big banks, the drug companies, the fossil fuel industry and our corrupt campaign finance system.

Winning so big that he actually starts making up the delegate deficit is the the most likely answer. Sanders needs landslides in the upcoming states that most pundits say favor his campaign and sometimes heavily favor it.

There is also the possibility that trouble in Clintonworld — legal trouble or another outbreak of foot in mouth disease like she had last week might give her enough incentive. If Sanders starts to “go there” and get traction on some of Clinton’s many ethical issues, that might make her want to square off.

But the only reason for Clinton to agree to debate Sanders again is if she begins to feel like she’s sliding. So if Clinton does sign up for another face-off with Bernie Sanders, his supporters should take that as an encouraging sign.

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