The Oldest Facebook User Has Died At 114 Years Old

Anna Stoehr had to lie about her age when she joined Facebook.

No, she wasn’t too young; she was too old.

You see, Anna was 113-years-old when she joined to social network. She was born in 1900, but the earliest year users can sign up with is 1905.

She had been introduced to the social network a year ago by Joseph Ramireza, a Verizon salesman who ended up befriending her and helping her with her iPad.

Sadly, Anna passed away in Plainview, Minnesota on Sunday, but lived a full life that saw the advent of planes, computers, and of course, the Internet. She had turned 114 in October, and Facebook sent her a bouquet with 114 flowers.

Her 85-year-old son Harlan said:

“I don’t think mother intended to live forever. She just got farther than most.”

She got farther on social media than many people half her age!

R.I.P. to an amazing woman.

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