Child Care Takes Center Stage in this Election — As it Should

In a highly partisan environment, we’re glad to see candidates from both parties prioritizing child care. More than 80% of voters across parties believe child care should be a priority. We are organizing to make sure these plans are a priority beyond the campaign. We’re working to make sure these policies are implemented in the First 100 Days of the next administration, no matter the outcome of the election. If you are ready to hold the candidates accountable, join the movement.

Eleven million children younger than age five are in some form of child care in the United States. Child care is both a workforce support to parents and an early learning program that sets children up for a successful life. Investments in high-quality early education generate returns of more than $8 in societal benefits for every $1 spent.

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Read a quick, one-page breakdown on child care proposals from both Official Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton (pdf).

The cost of child care has become a major issue for the 2016 elections, and both of these plans have received considerable attention. Join us in making sure talk becomes action. Child Care is essential in supporting the backbone of our nation’s success.

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