Thank you, Nabeelah Patel! I completely forgot about that book until you brought it up.
Shannon Ashley

I feel like you need to explore the emotions and thoughts that make you write articles like this.

Its thought provoking.

Its starts a dialogue.

lol, that was possibly the worst book i ever read. Don’t think i got past the first few chapters.

I live in South Africa. About as south as you get.

The term bitch is used by aunts to put us in our place.

Its used by men who fling the term at us to justify why we didn’t like their unwelcome advances.

Its used by uncles who demand we wait on them, if we are late with the tea then we are a “bitch”

Its used to describe the not-so-friendly face we give when somebody says something offensive.

Its used by managers who want to manipulate us into doing as they ask, we submit so that we don’t earn that label.

Which means in SA you are either a doormat or a bitch. two very unfair labels.

I love bitches. they’re loyal dogs. google tells me it also refers to a female wolf, fox, or otter.

Keep writing as honestly and openly as you do. Just lets not give the word more unnecessary power by using it in the wrong context.