UpOut Insiders

I’ve lived in the Bay area for over a decade now and somehow always felt like I was constantly missing out on all the amazing events that take place here. I’d find out about them too late to get tickets or hear about them after the fact from friends. I tried other sites that keep track of local happenings but I never remembered to check them often enough. Since I joined UpOut’s Insiders I’ve got incentive to check regularly and I get emails about events that might interest me so I never miss out.

I love how varied the events are, everything from concerts to comedy shows to wine tastings. I often find myself doing something I never would have even thought of enjoying before I found it on the Insiders website. I love that I often end up with several tickets to these events so I can take friends with similar interests along. I’ve even used the events to plan a really special date or two doing something more fun and unique than just dinner and a movie.

Now I’ve become the person who knows about the latest cool and fun events and has an insiders scoop on getting the hottest tickets before anyone else, or even after they’ve sold out. And if there doesn’t happen to be anything of interest to me that month or I simply don’t have the time to attend anything I can roll over my credits and do even more the next month or get 2 movie vouchers! Overall this has been one of the most positive things I’ve done for my life, it gets me out there enjoying this amazing city and spending more time with friends and loved ones. UpOut is a fantastic service.

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