10 best moments from Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton’s first rally together.
Brian McBride

1. Hillary hailed Michelle’s years of work advocating for girls education and healthy eating.

“She has spent eight years as our first lady advocating for girls around the world to go to school and have the same opportunities as boys. She has worked for healthier childhoods for our kids here at home, better nutrition, more exercise — and we are seeing the results.”

However, she could have done a lot more and she could have been more inclusive. Michelle Obama’s husband had the opportunity to ratify the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) for over 5 months when the democrats had the majority in both houses. Now the US remains the only holdout in the world that does not grant its children human rights. Mrs. Obama never took a stand for boys while girls have surpassed boys a long time ago when it comes to college degrees. In terms of healthier childhoods Michelle Obama never mentioned the epidemic fatherlessness in the United States, she never encouraged the shared parenting movement and she never spoke up about the fact that a White House Council on Boys and Men was not allowed to form while the Council on Women and Girls came to life back in 2009.