Because we are crazy about front-end!

A short story about front-end developers that want to constantly gain knowledge and share their experience.

This year’s Front Trends conference was special for all of us; It was the first time we went there with XSolve and we decided to do it as one team. It pushed us to look for unusual solutions. Of course, we could have gone there as two different companies under two banners with one, common goal but it wasn’t enough for us. We shouldn’t talk about it, as the main rule says, but come on, breaking the rules is the best fun!

We won’t stick to this rule

Two companies under one label

FrontClub is our community consisting of front-end developers from both Chilid and XSolve. It’s a team of people hungry for knowledge and new ideas, always ready to broaden their horizons. Front Trends, with many valuable lecturers, is not only a flash of inspiration for us, it helps us to build our growth and exchange knowledge with other developers.

What I liked the most was the fact that everyone could find something to suit their needs — from amateurs to pros. Interesting speakers also helps a lot to keep us interested during the lectures. In addition, the atmosphere was great, so many useful gadgets at the booths, tasty food, and lots of people to talk with! — Kamil, Front-end developer @ Chilid

FrontClub — Quo vadis?

Ok, so we have the name, we have the people, but what do we want to do with it next? Our goal is to bring front-end development to a higher level. How do we want to achieve this? One way is the Agile Hack, our hackathon during which we make a complete product — SPA (Single Page Application), working in Scrum and at the same time promoting this methodology with front-end developers. The other idea is XLab — workshops where you can learn all about the latest frameworks, solutions, and tricks. The great things here are free participation and valuable prizes for the best ideas.

Agile Hack
Front Trends conference was a big inspiration for me. I met so many excited people who love what they do, Front-end really is their life. That gave me the power and energy to have more fun with Front-end — Kuba, Front-end developer @ Chilid

How it worked out?

The interest that people showed in FrontClub was way beyond our expectations. Participants were curious about who we are and why we decided to come as a seemingly unknown group of developers. Visual identification which referred to Fight Club in the form of t-shirts was also a great idea. It really helped people to feel that they were part of an exclusive group which they can identify with strongly.

FrontClubbers @ Front Trends 2017

Long story short — we showed that we are not afraid to try out new solutions and we made people love it.

It was win-win situation for us — we all learnt interesting stuff and we introduced ourselves to the wider audience as a group of enthusiasts full of great ideas and heaps of energy.

Stay tuned, more to come!

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