Five things this week 2

This time, five things you need to do this week are focused on relax, in many different and specific meanings. Product strategy, fags and a dose of inspiration again.


If “the best series” ever exists
Not only for the series fans, but for all who appreciate a good cinema. Probably you’ve read it many times, but… imagine 18 episodes without even a second of predictable action, with amazing light everywhere and the main character with no smile. After each episode, only one thing I need is to smoke a fags, shoot and be a gang fugleman. Harder and harder. By the order of Peaky Blinders.
And you don’t even know how incredibly nice Irish language sound could be!

How to use some great existing tracks
If my post above was not convincing enough to watch Peaky Blinders, this soundtrack is the ultimate reason to do it.


Product Strategy
Roman Pitchler talks and teaches about agile with very specific goal — to build the real business oriented products. That’s not very common to read about agile topics and feel — ok, it’s really wise and possible at the same time. His new book “using a wide range of proven techniques and tools, Strategize explains how to create effective strategies and actionable roadmaps to help you maximise your chances of creating successful products. The book offers practical advice and valuable examples so that you can apply the practices directly to your products”.

“Strategize: Product Strategy and Product Roadmap Practices for the Digital Age” by R. Pitchler, 2016


Travelling, mountains, emptiness
Morgan Philips: US-based photographer, adventurer, and biscuit fan. His blog and Instagram. For all Freezing cold, mountains and white emptiness lovers.

Istanbul Design Biennial
The second edition of the Istanbul Design Biennial — short video from Monocle. To watch a design condition somewhere else.

…and one more
Wanna look like Thomas Shelby?

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