Holacracy Practitioners Meetup #1 Summary

Feb 6, 2018 · 5 min read

Turquoise (or Teal) has many shades today. One of them is Holacracy, which is gaining simultaneously as many supporters as opponents. We want to talk about real experiences, implementations in various organisations, with different goals. That’s why we’ve started to organize the Holacracy Practitioners Meetups and founded the Holacracy Practitioners Group.

For who?

Are you reinventing your organisation? Or you have some tension, that something could work better, and you are looking for a solution? Let’s meet, let’s talk, let’s learn something from each other, let’s inspire.

About the Holacracy Practitioners group

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Holacracy Practitioners is a group of people who are tasting holacracy in their daily work and developing organisations, not only during theoretical workshops; we are experimenting, testing, looking for our own path — and we want to share our experience with others.

Start with “Why?” Why Holacracy?

XSolve Agile Software House and Chilid Product Design Agency — both together under one roof building the digital products and solving the business problems of the growing comapnies around the world.

We’ve long been devoted to the idea of Turquoise (or Teal) organisation but we were looking for a framework that will provide concise rules for organizational governance that are clearly understood by all employees — a scalable model, which will enable all employees to take responsibility, develop and grow. During our research, we came across a practice called Holacracy and after months of consultations and discussions we have come to the conclusion that we need to dive in with both feet.

Since August 2017 we’re holacratic companies.

Our first Holacracy Practitioners Meetup was an amazing pleasure to talk about the real experiences.

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General overview

The formula of the meeting was slightly different from the standard meetup - at the first event we wanted to introduce a bit more to the subject of holacracy practicing and we decided to invite four lecturers who closed their messages in three presentations.
The main goal of our meetings was the exchange of practical knowledge, so we did not discuss the basics of the system, its purpose and general assumptions.

Holacracy Practitioners Meetup is a place for those, who know holacracy and we turn basic theories into real case studies. We’re sure about that.


  • “The CEO’s Challenge In Adopting Holacracy”: my view of the challenges of management in the implementation of holacracy, shared with Piotr Majchrzak.
  • “Better done than perfect, safe enough to try” by Patrycja Wala: teamwork challenges from Scrum Master’s point of view and Holacracy Adoption Lead.
  • “Holacracy as a change of thinking” by Aleksandra Szczygiel-Sommer: her point of view was very important, as she was showing the implementation of holacracy in a company outside the IT industry.
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Piotr Majchrzak & Anna Zarudzka about the CEO’s challenges

Each of the speeches concerned various points of view, but neither of them touched the most bothering topics which the participants asked about.

These hot aspects return constantly and in almost every conversation about holacracy: wages and their transparencies, real acceptance of responsibility and faults of the system itself.

Q & A Session — our key to the success of the meeting

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So much different perspectives: D. Wylon, .J Kroczek, P. Wala, P. Majchrzak

A discussion panel, or rather a Q & A session, has become a place to touch at least some of them. Dariusz Wylon, Piotr Majchrzak and Jarek Kroczek responded boldly to the participants’ questions, starting with “Is this a new kind of ghetto (zoo)? What use is the hippopotamus?”, Ending with more more serious topics, as salary system and transparency.


Out of 85 participants, the most of them were people from the IT industry and its relatives. Is it still the topic present only in our “bubble”, or did our marketing message simply reach mainly them? For people who did not know the meeting, the meeting was unintelligible and too detailed — from our perspective, the expected costs of the decision to meet practitioners.


We have a lot of conclusions how to organize a better one — one of them is determined to have more space for conversations, discussions, questions and answers. The participants turned out to be extremely active and eager to delve into topics.

Well, we’ve broken the ice.

See you on 4th of April!

As the best summary of the audience engagement, we share with you the list of topics from participants that we did not even have time to touch:

  • How to reduce bureaucracy?
  • Myths and their refutation.
  • Negative effects of introducing holacracy.
  • Who is financially responsible?
  • Managing time and roles of people who have many roles.
  • How doy you fire and hire people?
  • Making difficult decisions (strategy, finances, personnel decisions).
  • Facilitation techniques — how it works, how a good facilitator behaves?
  • Freedom of interpretation — The Constitution and the governance, freedom of decision and actions of the secretary?
  • Is the company losing it? Have you lost profit and revenues?

We will do our best to organize a place for answers to all above during the next meetups!


Keep an eye on the next events on our Facebook page

Or just sign up for the next Meetup on 4th of April

See you! This is the future of our work.
Anna Zarudzka as Holacracy Practitioners Meetup Knight

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