How to draft an Abathur composition

Abathur is an unusual character. You might be confused by him and/or enraged when a team mate ninja picks him in hero league. This guide is here to unravel the mystery. (But sadly can’t prevent yolo Abathurs throwing your games.)

Map synergies

First and foremost, Abathur is a map specific hero. I have a break down below.

— Great maps: 1) Cursed Hollow; and 2) Towers of Doom.

— Okay maps: 1) Sky temple; 2) Hanamura; 3) Warhead Junction; and 4) Garden of Terror (ban Vikings).

Hero Synergies

Next, you’ll want to match Abathur with characters that compliment him. I’ve outlined four slots for heroes in your Abathur comp:

  1. Tank: Muradin > Anub'arak / Varian > Tyrael > ETC.
  2. Healer: Rehgar > Kharazim / Uther > other healers only if you have double front line.
  3. Big dps (likely clone target): Greymane, Li-Ming, Jaina, or other big dps heroes can work as well.
  4. Extra slot: you can fit a lot of stuff in here. Another big dps, Zeratul, another front liner (Arthas/Sonya/Varian/Anub/Artanis), Genji, or Illidan.

And there you have it. That’s all the information you need to draft a meta Abathur comp. Now get out there and out-macro the red team.

“A logical decision.”

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