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It’s pi plus C, of course

I’m a sexist. I was raised sexist, I live in a sexist society and continue to spread sexism on a daily basis. Most of the time I don’t even notice, because it’s just what people say or because there is some truth to it or some other bullshit I tell myself so I don’t have to confront my own prejudices.

When growing up, my family (mom, dad, me) was my blueprint of the world. I extrapolated everything from this very tiny, unique ecosystem. Sure, over the years I added some stuff to it and I had a few major turning points when I had to take a step back and examine my life and values. …

A little over a year ago I started giving talks on the topic of machine learning. I spend around 60–70% of my free time working on projects, figuring out, whether they are worthwhile talking about, setting up a story that is informative, yet engaging and creating pretty slides. My current employer is a small start-up company, so my conference budget is limited. I mostly rely on being invited as speaker to attend conferences which are further away and/or expensive.

Yet, whenever I am invited to speak as an JavaScript or Machine Learning “expert” I hesitate. I hate being an expert.

My first developer networking experience was a PHP Meetup when I was still in training as a software engineer. …

For some reason, my social media feeds have been piling up with statements, that married people should not be alone with people of the opposite gender (or gender of interest respectively).

In fact, I was thinking about writing about this for quite a while. Since that time I actually went on a “date” with a guy when I was married for about a month. Now, before you rush to judgement, read the story first.

I was invited to speak at a conference in Singapore a month after I got married. I wasn’t working at the time, just travelling, living off my compensation and basically trying to get to know myself. I spent a week in Singapore and even though I had great fun with amazing people exploring the city, when I came back to my hotel room after a long hot day, I felt very lonely, not having my husband by my side. …

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