Job Career Review: A New Popular Word Press Job Theme

A wonderful theme with a complete script named ‘jobcareer’ is a package for all those looking for a ‘job board theme or a template’. It is not only made available for the recruitment companies but it is the best choice for everyone looking to deal with HRM. It is comprised of great management tools. Moreover, it is a great opportunity to handle the job portal from a single platform. There are many features in this theme. Let’s highlight some of them;

a) A Listing Website

This theme is quite easy to be tackled. One can create a friendly and useful job listing website. This website will have a front end option through which the visitors can create their account and handle the publishing from the front end. This is the simplest thing which is quite helpful for users.

b) Responsive Portal

Creating a responsive job portal can take months and even years of efforts. Thus, Chimp Group has created a versatile theme named ‘Job Career’ in form of a wonderful job portal. It is fully responsive and can get fit on any android device. This is totally amazing. Once the job portal is created then users from all big and small devices can easily handle it in no time.

c) Control HRM

Human resource handling is not difficult, the main thing is ‘management’. The better things are managed, the versatile results one get. This theme holds the feature of ‘human resource management’. Whether it’s a need to do the recruitment or job posting everything can be done easily.

d) Compatibility with Plugins

This theme is buildup with a plan. For this reason, it is compatible with almost all plugins. Moreover, nowadays clients are more interested in themes which are compatible with ‘indeed’ and ‘wp job manager’. For this reason, it is being made sure by the development team that ‘Job career’ possess this feature.

e) Make Money through It

This simple job script is a great opportunity for making money. The ‘template’ of this Word Press job portal is a treasure for anyone. Through using it they can create the best website and generate a lot of money for it.

f) Unique Demo Layouts

This spectacular theme has unique demo layouts. All of them are different and versatile from each other. The best thing about these unique demos is that they are perfectly suitable for employment agencies. Moreover, if there are some recruiters who are in search of some talented applicants then they can use these demo layouts and get successful results out of it.

g) Simple ‘Drag & Drop’ and Theme Is Ready

The best thing about this theme is that it holds a feature of ‘drag and drop’. This means that the user who is zero with any programming knowledge can easily tackle this theme. Just like a game they need to do ‘drag and drop’ game and all is done. All the premium add-ons are made available for free. One can add them and enjoy the website as per their choice. This is quite interesting as the user can set it up according to their requirements. There is no need to wait for getting big quotations for building up a ‘job portal’. Just a simple theme can be helpful in setting up things in no time.

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