Know What You Want to Know from Car Insurance Quote

Car insurance will be an important protection for your new or expensive car. Unfortunately, most of car owners know little of this kind of insurance and many of them will not get the best car insurance or won’t obtain satisfied compensation when there it comes to a claim as a result.

Before buying this motor insurance in Singapore, there are many questions new car owners asked frequently. Many times, you may get what you want to know and obtain the best insurance policy from the car insurance quote-

Q: What is market value? How is this determined? 
A: Market value is the cost of replacing the Insured Vehicle with a vehicle of the same make, model, condition and age of the vehicle at the time of the accident. This may be determined by the latest transactions sourced from newspaper advertisements, online motoring websites, surveyors and motor car dealers.

Q: What should I do if my car is stolen? 
A: You will need to lodge a police report immediately so that the Police can investigate the matter. Please also report the loss to us, together with a copy of your police report.

Q: When will the renewal or new policy information be transmitted and updated into LTA database for Road Tax Renewal? 
A: The data will be updated 2 days upon policy issuance.

Q: Can I choose my preferred workshop for accident repairs? 
A: This policy gives you the freedom to choose your own workshop in Singapore. However, if you choose to Approved Workshop for repair, you can be assured that genuine manufacturers’ parts are used and it comes with a full 9 months repair warranty. Own Damage Excess will be halved if you choose to repair your vehicle at Approved Workshop.

Q: If I am not at fault for the accident but make an own damage claim, will my NCD be affected? 
A: Your NCD will not be affected if we can recover the claim amount from the other party. However, if the claim recovery is not successful, your NCD will be affected. Alternatively, if you have been successful in your counter claim for excess and loss of use (at least 80% success rates), we can look into your request to reinstate NCD, subject to support documents.

If you have an accident, try to stay calm and check if anyone is injured. Do not admit or discuss liability. If someone is injured, please do not attempt to move the injured or the vehicles, unless absolutely necessary.Exchange particulars with all parties involved and including Vehicle numbers, Name, NRIC/FIN number, Telephone number, Address and Insurer. Take photographs of all the vehicles involved in the accident and a view of the accident scene. These are to be included in the accident report to be filed later. Obtain the particulars of any witness to the accident.