Will TESLA’s model 3 crash the grid and the internet?

Tech10, thanks for your feedback. I purposely avoided too much technical detail, but your point is well taken: if you recharge over a longer period of time, you reduce the load. So, lets use your 600,000 cars as the benchmark. If I throttle the grid or stagger the recharge schedules I can perhaps cut the load in halve and your 600k mark rises to 1.2 million. Furthermore, suppose electric car batteries are only one-half empty — the number doubles again to 2.4 million — still less than 10% of California’s cars. Lets make the bar even higher — assume 50% of sales are in CAISO, so I am now up to 4.8 million cars sold, which is still probably less than 10% of the cars in operation in the CAISO region. The question remains: does the rate of supply increase keep pace with the rate of demand increase? I would say “yes” if we assume historical levels, but I am not so sure now, because of the enormous surge in demand spurred by Tesla’s preorders. So, that is my point: is Tesla going to crash the grid by being highly successful?