Breakups are Overrated

I am going through something shitty, I’m not gonna lie.

So this is heartache, first of all, it’s OVERRATED. You’ve been fooled by your soap operas and Hollywood movies. Don’t get me wrong, It hurts like hell but it only hurts when you’re alone and have nothing else to do. To make it short, your heart only aches when you’re bored, LOL!

I’m good in keeping things to myself just because I don’t want to burden other people of whatever it is I’m going through right now, also last thing I want is pity, I’m pretty sure that I will start receiving countless texts asking how I am, wanting to take me out so I can forget, pimping me to every available guy they can think of, that’s just not my style, I don’t cope that way.

So I’m typing this note to you Universe because I am bored, meaning…I am in pain.

To make the long story short, that 4 relationship is now gone. It’s a two-way street I must admit, we’ve just grown apart. The love is still there but it became stagnant, it became a “comfortable” kind of relationship, I realize just recently on that it’s one of the deadliest kind out there. Why? (and I am not generalizing) when you’re comfortable, you don’t grow in the relationship, you don’t go out of your way to learn and at least appreciate what they do (the guy I was with loves Pokemon, who knew there’s a million of them already). He wanted sex ALL THE TIME, I didn’t give it, just because I didn’t feel like it, all along I thought that he would understand. I was soooo wrong there. I guess the benefit of this comfortable kind of relationship is that the breakup wasn’t as bad, we were still laughing and making jokes until his last day of living in my place. I tried to save the relationship but it was too late, I lost the battle before it even started.

I hope I am making sense, maybe not but I need to let you know, Universe.

This is a different kind of love story, I knew I was the antagonist, he had some misses but I know in my heart I pushed him away. What a sad realization.

So, I hope you learn something from this. I know that not all of you will understand, I don’t intend to change your mind, all I want to say is that take the time to know your partner, go out of your way.

I am still trying to heal, it’s easier than I thought but the breakup happened only last week. Who knows? Right? We’ll see.

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